All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Deveining prawns without cutting

Deveining prawns does not necessarily require cutting open their back. In many dishes prawns are not cut, while in others some prawns are in their shells and some are shelled in the final dish. It takes an extra step, but proper preparation is the key to best results. Here is how to devein prawns in their shells. Deveining shelled prawns follows the same process. Now get a toothpick or skewer, and remember to be gentle. 


Insert a bamboo skewer in the second soft spot in the hard shell on back.


Tilt to pick up vein, and slowly pull out and downward (toward tail). 


Then gently pull upward (toward head).

  • The vein tends to snap at the skewer if you pull forcefully.
  • Have a paper towel next to you to place removed veins and discard towel and veins together at the end.
  • If you have more than a few dozen prawns, you are likely to need a couple of bamboo skewers or toothpicks, as their ends get dull.
  • When deveining shelled prawns, insert a skewer in the back at a point about one-fifth down the tail from the head.

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