All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.

Sodium Content Lists

When you are monitoring how much sodium you're getting, it is essential to know the sodium content of ingredients you often use. While general data is widely available, numbers usually differ by product.

Below are lists of ingredients I use and their sodium content by volume. Sodium figures in recipes in this blog are based on these lists. Each link opens up a PDF file.

  • Seasonings (liquids, sauces): Soy sauce, specialty sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, shiokoji salted rice malt, etc.
  • Seasonings (solids, pastes, others): Miso, tobanjan and other chili sauce, XO sauce, shoyukoji soy sauce rice malt, sesame paste, etc. 
  • Pickles: Umeboshi plums, benishoga ginger, etc.  .... coming soon
  • Seaweed and dried vegetables: Hijiki, nori, konbu, kiriboshi daikon radish, kanpyo gourd, etc.  .... coming soon
  • Dried seafood: Katsuobushi, chirimenjako, shirasu, sakura ebi, etc.   .... coming soon
  • Noodles: Udon, somen, soba, yakisoba, mung bean vermicelli, etc.   .... coming soon
  • Others: Fu, tenkasu tempura pearls, koyadofu freeze-dried tofu, etc.   .... coming soon

(Last updated: June 4, 2014)

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