All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Daikon radish prep cooking

Thickly cut daikon radish stays relatively firm when cooked in stew without prep cooking. Boil daikon in water used for washing rice or with rice to make it tender and translucent. Prep-cooked daikon absorbs flavor well in main cooking.


Cut, skin, and remove edge.


With tip of knife, cross cut the center of the bottom (larger) side, about 1cm deep. This helps daikon to better absorb flavor in main cooking.


In a pot, put water used for washing rice or water and a few dozen grains of rice and daikon, and cook on medium low heat until soft.

Daikon is done when a bamboo skewer/toothpick smoothly goes in.


Drain and put daikon in water or rinse daikon with water.

Daikon is ready for main cooking.

  • Removing the edge of cut daikon is optional. It helps daikon to keep its shape during main cooking.
  • If boiled daikon is left uncovered, its surface dries out and wrinkles. It is best not to have a long lapse between prep cooking and main cooking. If boiled daikon has to be set aside for some time, keep it in water.

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