All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Dinner, August 5, 2011

We are almost out of our regular miso, and lately we've been using aka miso a lot. My body wants something mild after a series of strong-flavored dishes that go well with aka miso. So the soup choice is osuimono clear soup.

  • Steamed rice topped with roasted black sesame seeds
  • Kakitamajiru / egg flower clear soup, with mizuna
  • Satoimo to ika no nimono / baby taro root cooked with calamari
  • Horenso no ohitashi / spinach in light broth
  • Shiozake no oroshiae / grilled salted salmon with grated daikon radish, with komatsuna

Starchy satoimo has a subtle sweetness, as does calamari. They are cooked together for a happy marriage. Despite its appearance, this is a relatively light dish with mild flavor. Satoimo's thick, paste-like texture makes it taste richer and more substantial. To compliment, moist spinach ohitashi is added on the side.

To highlight the satoimo & calamari dish, the rice is plain. Too many flavors can be chaotic. Toasted sesame seeds add a pleasant aroma.

Grated daikon radish is refreshing, while salted salmon accentuates the dish. Putting in only a small amount of salmon is the key here. Otherwise, the fish will compete with the satoimo & calamari dish.

For the soup, lightly beaten egg is swirled into freshly made bonito dashi stock flavored with a little bit of soy sauce. Blanched mizuna added at the end provides a crispy texture and contrasting color.

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