All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Ganmodoki to hakusai no nimono / deep-fried tofu patties and napa cabbage in broth

Ganmodoki and the soft sweetness of hakusai have a nostalgic, mellow flavor.


2-4 ganmodoki deep-fried tofu patties
2-3 large or 4-5 small hakusai napa cabbage leaves
300-350 cc dashi
1-1 1/2 tbsp sake
2 tbsp soy sauce


Cut hakusai in 3-4 cm pieces.


Place ganmodoki in strainer and pour boiling water to get rid of excess oil.
 If using store-bought ganmodoki (especially those in vacuum packs), boil for several minutes and drain.


In a pot, put hakusai and dashi, and bring to boil.

When hakusai softens somewhat, add ganmodoki and sake.


Cover, and cook on medium low to low heat until hakusai softens. Flip ingredients occasionally.


Add soy sauce, 2/3 of the specified amount at first. Cook 5-10 minutes, taste, and add more soy sauce or salt, if necessary.

  • Use hakusai leaves that are paler in color, not the bright green outer leaves. The pale inside leaves are sweeter and milder, and they work better for this dish.
  • If time allows, remove from heat after adding soy sauce and cooking 5-10 minutes in Process 5, and let everything cool down before adding more soy sauce or salt. Flavor is absorbed during cooling, and doing this usually results in a well-flavored, refined taste without being salty.

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