All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Sasara scrub brush

This brush made of bundled finely split bamboo or wood comes in really handy to clean pots and pans, especially those made of iron that have ingredients stuck to the bottom. Over time, frying pans made of iron become semi-non-stick when properly cared for. Brushing with sasara and a minimum amount of soap and rising under cool water is usually sufficient for cleaning. (Drying on hot cooktop and thinly spreading a tiny amount of oil after cooling complete care.) Sasara also removes most ingredients stuck to the bottom of other pots and pans (enamel-coated and stainless) relatively effortlessly.

Today sasara is not very common in Japanese kitchens, but it is still commonly seen in Chinese kitchens (at least at restaurants).

Although sasara is stiff at first, individual sticks become flexible with use. The material is naturally much softer than metal and there is no worry about peeling off some coating on pan surfaces.

Just like any bamboo product, sasara needs to be dried when not in use for reasons of hygiene. Occasional sterilization in boiling water is also a good idea.

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