All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Tom cooks 1: Kabocha no nimono (kabocha pumpkin in broth)

Tom asked, “What are those 'tbsp' and 'tsp' things?”

My brain froze for a moment as I tried to grasp what's behind his question.
My goodness, this person isn't even sure what they mean...

I thought for another second, "This blog is indeed going to be 'for dummies.'" But I know he can read recipes and recreate what they say. Is his problem subliminal refusal to understand whatever seems unfamiliar, because the recipes I wrote are for Japanese food?

His first dish from my recipe collection turned out very subtly flavored because of a lack of clear understanding of these terms. He also doubled the amount of kabocha but not seasoning.
Still, it was better than tasting too salty, and kabocha itself was sweet and tasty enough.

Always look at the positive side.

Recipe for Tom: Kabocha no nimono (kabocha pumpkin in broth)

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