All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Kamaboko kazarikiri -- musubi / knot-cut fishcake

Red (pink) and white kamaboko formed into a knot is a wish for good luck.


Several centimeters of red and white kamaboko fishcake (approx. 1 cm per knot)


Slice kamaboko about 1cm thick.
Place each slice on a cutting board, and make a 3- to 4-cm-long cut in the center. Be careful not to cut through the ends.


On both sides of the center cut, make another cut, this time cutting one end through.

First, make a cut to the left of the center cut, cutting through the end toward you.

Then flip the kamaboko slice, and make a cut to the right of the center cut, again cutting through the end toward you.


Form a knot.
Take one outer piece, and put it through the center cut from the back.

Take the other outer piece, and put it through the center cut in the opposite direction.

Gently pull both ends in order to set the knot.

  • Kamaboko comes in different color combinations (white only, white and red/pink, white and blue, white and green, etc.). The white and red combination is selected for celebrations, as the color pair implies a festive occasion.
  • This preparation should be done not long before serving (one day ahead is OK) to ensure freshness. Make sure to refrigerate kamaboko before use and after cutting.
  • The knot implies connections between people, pledges and celebrations of beginnings and ends.

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