All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Sobagaki-iri konsaijiru / root vegetable soup with buckwheat dumplings

A satisfying and hearty soup with buckwheat dumplings.


400-500 cc dashi
1 tbsp (+ 1 tsp) soy sauce
7-8 cm carrot
7-8 cm gobo burdock root
2-3 cm daikon radish
1-2 cm konnyaku yam cake
1/2 small (1/4 large) usuage thin deep-fried tofu
1 green onion (green section)

For sobagaki buckwheat dumplings

3 tbsp buckwheat flour
5 tbsp water


Rangiri diagonal cut carrot, daikon and gobo (soak gobo in water to prevent discoloration and eliminate harsh taste). Prep-boil konnyaku and tear into small pieces (matching size with root vegetables). Prep-boil usuage and cut into small squares (slightly smaller than root vegetables).
Thinly slice green onion.


Put dashi, carrot and gobo in a pot, and cook on medium low heat for several minutes.

Add daikon and cook until soft. If liquid level goes down, add dashi or water.


In the meantime, prepare sobagaki buckwheat dumplings. In a small pot or pan, put water and buckwheat flour, and mix well to a smooth consistency. Turn on heat and cook on medium to medium low, while stirring.

Once the mixture becomes thick like play dough, constantly stir with spatula at least 4-5 minutes. Remove from heat, stir for a few more minutes, and set aside.


Add konnyaku and usuage, and cook for a few minutes.

Add soy sauce, 2/3 of specified amount at first, taste, and add more as necessary.

Spoon sobagaki dumplings into soup. Turn dumplings once or twice to cook.

Serve in individual bowls, and garnish with green onion.

  • Use a non-stick pot or pan to prepare sobagaki dumplings for easier cleaning.
  • Sobagaki buckwheat dumplings are made by mixing buckwheat flour and either cold or hot water. Those prepared with water and heated in a pot are said to have a smoother texture and are recommended for use in soup, as in this recipe.


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