All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Mizuna to yakishiitake no ume-ae / mizuna and grilled shiitake mushrooms in plum dressing

Fresh mizuna and earthy grilled shiitake, with light and airy plum-dashi dressing.


1/4-1/3 bunch mizuna
3 shiitake mushrooms

For dressing
1/2 umeboshi pickled plum
1 tbsp dashi
1/4 tsp usukuchi soy sauce


Broil shiitake until surface becomes somewhat dry and toasty.


Cut mizuna into 3-4 cm.


Prepare dressing.
Finely chop umeboshi, and mix with all other ingredients for dressing.


When shiitake cools, tear into small pieces, and add to mizuna.

Pour dressing, and toss.

  • Broil both sides of shiitake for a crispier texture and more concentrated taste.
  • Umeboshi can be very salty (and sour). If unsure, first mix a small amount of umeboshi and dashi, then add more umeboshi and soy sauce as necessary.
  • If usukuchi soy sauce is not available, substitute regular soy sauce but use slightly less, and add a tiny amount of salt as necessary

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