All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Kinoko no iridofu / scrambled tofu with mushrooms

The earthy taste of shiitake, the subtly sour and fruity flavor of enoki, and the delicate woody tang of oyster mushrooms turn this easy everyday tofu dish into a rich tapestry of flavors.


Handful shiitake mushrooms
Handful hiratake oyster mushrooms
Small handful enoki mushrooms
1/2 momen firm tofu
1 tbsp sake
2 tsp soy sauce
1 egg
1 green onion (green section; not in photo)
Salt & pepper, to taste (not in photo)
1 tsp oil (not in photo)


Microwave tofu for 1 minute to remove excess water.


Cut off root ends of enoki; if enoki is long, cut into two. Slice shiitake. Tear oyster mushrooms.
Thinly slice green onion.
Lightly beat egg.


In a frying pan, heat oil, and saute shiitake and oyster mushrooms on medium low heat.

When almost done, add enoki, and continue sauteing.


When mushrooms are done, gently squeeze out extra water from tofu, and add to mushrooms while roughly crumbling with hand.

If ingredients still have lots of liquid, raise heat to medium or medium high.

Add sake and soy sauce, and stir.

Taste, and add salt and pepper as necessary.


Swirl in egg, roughly mix, add green onion, roughly mix again, and remove from heat.

  • Egg will cook with remaining heat in the last process. If you leave the heat on and wait for egg to be done, it will be too dry.
  • Mushrooms absorb lots of oil, but you don't need to use a lot of oil in this dish. When sauteed on slightly lower heat, mushrooms produce lots of liquid, which cooks the mushrooms.
  • Mixing a few kinds of mushrooms produces a complex taste. Eringi king oyster, shimeji, maitake and chanterelle are other good choices. To my taste, button mushrooms are too sour (OK if a small amount), while portabella mushrooms are too powerful for this dish.

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