All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Rescuing wilting vegetables

Before tossing away tired-looking or wilting greens sitting in your fridge, let's see if we can rescue them.


Warm water (45-50 C/110-120 F; water from hot-water faucet is fine)


Put warm water in a large mixing bowl, and soak greens for 1-5 minutes.
If water temperature is lower or the vegetable is bulkier (like celery), it takes a little longer.


Discard leaves that look semi-cooked.


My 99-cents-a-bag bargain spinach has come alive.

  • The warm water can be used for washing vegetables while they soak.
  • This is also good for fresh-looking vegetables. Instead of soaking salad greens in cold water, soaking in warm water quickly makes them crispy.
  • Why warm water? Water molecules become active around 50 C/120 F, and the temperature difference from the cooler vegetables gives them a "shock," opening their breathing pores (closed to prevent moisture evaporation). This helps the fiber, carbohydrates and protein in vegetables to quickly absorb water. 
  • This method is also said to be effective with mushrooms.

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