All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Yasai to kinoko no nabeyaki bibimba / vegetable and mushroom bibmpap in clay pot

Crispy rice in a sizzling hot clay pot topped with a combination of light namul and egg crepe. Clam-infused sauce gives a flavorful final touch.


Two rice bowls of mugimeshi steamed rice with barley, or regular steamed rice (not in photo)
Vegetable & mushroom namul of your choice (daizu moyashi soybean namul, carrot namul, dried & fresh shiitake mushroom namul, asparagus namul in photo)
Egg crepe strips (wider cut kinshitamago), made with 1 egg
Bibimbap sauce with clams or with bay shrimp
Sesame oil (for coating clay pots, not in photo)

Prepare rice. While cooking rice, prepare namul, egg crepe and bibimbap sauce.


Coat clay pots with thin layer of sesame oil.

Put rice.


Top with namul and egg strips.

Cook on medium low heat until the bottom of rice becomes crispy and golden, about 15-20 minutes.


Serve hot with bibimbap sauce.

Mix everything well, and enjoy.

  • The bibimpap sauce here is high in sodium even though it may taste slightly sweet. For this reason, lightly-flavored namul (cutting back sesame oil and seasoning by half) works better with this bibimbap.
  • Select namul with contrasting colors and textures for a more satisfying outcome.
  • Egg can be scrambled or sunny-side up.
  • If flavor of bibimbap turns out too strong, serve with fresh lettuce or salad greens to mix in or make rolls by hand.
  • All ingredients -- namul, egg crepe strips, sauce (and even rice) -- can be prepared in advance.

(Last updated: August 29, 2014)

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