All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Konsai to ebi no kakiage tendon / root vegetable and prawn tempura over rice

Any tempura can be served over rice; the dish is called tendon. Here is an example with julienned root vegetable tempura with prawns.


2 servings steamed rice (not in photo)
4 konsai to ebi no kakiage [julienned root vegetable tempura with prawns]
5-6 tbsp tentsuyu dipping sauce (not in photo)
10 cm skinny or 5cm thick daikon radish (optional; not in photo)


Cook rice, make tempura, and grate daikon.
When preparing ingredients for tempura, save prawn shells and heads, if available.


While making tempura, put prawns shells/heads in tentsuyu, and reduce to desired strength. Strain.


Serve rice, top with tempura, pour over some tentsuyu.

Put grated daikon after squeezing out extra water.

Pour over some more tentsuyu.

  • This tendon is made with freshly cooked tempura.
  • If prawn shells and heads are not available, simply reduce tentsuyu.
  • Fish bones -- if tempura includes fish -- can also enhance the flavor of tentsuyu.
  • Cold or leftover tempura works great when tempura is quickly cooked in tentsuyu, and this is another type of delicious tendon, called tentojidon.

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