All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Tomyo to chikuwa no nibitashi / pea shoots and chikuwa fishcake simmered in light broth

A very quick, warm side dish. The stems of tomyo pea shoots stay crisp even when cooked and make this little dish stand tall. Their texture contrasts well with soft fishcake, which adds a mellow salty taste as you bite in.


1 chikuwa fishcake
Large handful tomyo pea shoots (80g in photo)

For broth
200 cc dashi
1 tbsp sake + mirin (equal parts)
1 tbsp usukuchi soy sauce


In a pot, put dashi, sake + mirin, and 2/3 of specified amount (2 tsp) of usukuchi soy sauce, and bring to boil.


Slice chikuwa.


When broth boils, add chikuwa, and simmer 3-4 minutes on medium low heat.

Add pea shoots.
Quickly turn to ensure even cooking.
Simmer for another 2 minutes.
Taste, and add more usukuchi soy sauce as necessary.

  • It may seem like too many pea shoots to add to the broth at one time, but the volume goes down dramatically as they cook, which happens very quickly.
  • Any fishcake (sasakama, kamaboko, satsumaage) works.
  • Fishcake already contains salt and sugar, so do not overuse seasoning.
  • Ideally, serve immediately for a crispier texture and brighter green color.

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