All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Fu to kobashira no guratan / wheat gluten cake gratin with bay scallops (bechamel sauce version)

A light gratin featuring fluffy fu gluten cakes.

1/2 of recipe (with bechamel sauce made with milk; no additional salt)
326 calories; 20.3 g protein; 15.5 g fat; 26.1 g carbohydrate; 22.9 g net carbs; 286 mg sodium (251 mg sodium when rehydrating fu with soy milk); 62.2 mg cholesterol (52.2 mg sodium when rehydrating fu with soy milk); 3.2 g fiber

1/2 of recipe (with bechamel sauce made with tonyu soy milk, no additional salt)
312 calories; 21.2g  protein; 14.0 g fat; 24.9 g carbohydrate; 20.7 g net carbs; 246 mg sodium (211 mg sodium when rehydrating fu with soy milk); 49.2 mg cholesterol (39.2 mg sodium when rehydrating fu with soy milk); 4.2 g fiber


16 g fu wheat gluten cakes
175 cc milk (to rehydrate fu)
100 g kobashira bay scallops
1 clove garlic
1/4 onion (88 g in photo)
60 g spinach
65 g shimeji mushrooms
9 tbsp (135 cc) bechamel sauce (1/3 of bechamel sauce recipe; 162 g in photo)
1/3 tbsp white wine
1/2 tsp shiokoji salted rice malt
13 g gruyere cheese
Small amount of butter (to coat gratin dishes; 1.4 g; not in photo)
1/2 olive oil (or canola oil)
Black pepper, to taste

Preheat oven to 450 F (230 C).


In a container, place fu in a single layer, pour milk, and rehydrate.


Coat gratin dishes with butter.


Finely chop garlic.
Thinly slice onion.
Cut off root ends of shimeji, and separate large bundles into small sections.
If necessary, chop spinach.


When fu is rehydrated and soft, gently squeeze out excess milk (save milk to add to other ingredients later), and place in gratin dishes.


In a frying pan, heat oil, and saute garlic on medium low heat until fragrant.

 Add onion, and saute until somewhat translucent. 


Add shimeji and bay scallops, and continue sauteing until scallops are somewhat opaque.


Add white wine, and stir.

Add bechamel sauce and milk from rehydrating fu.

 Add shiokoji, and mix well.
Add black pepper, and mix well.


Add spinach, and mix. 


Pour over fu in gratin dishes.
Grate gruyere cheese on top.


Bake in oven for 10 minutes.

Change setting to broil and cook until top lightly browns.

  • Bay scallops can be directly added to gratin dishes, especially when they are fresh. As I use previously frozen bay scallops, I saute them beforehand to mask the smell in the final dish.
  • Fu can be rehydrated ahead of time, even a day before. After it rehydrates, squeeze out excess milk, and store fu and milk separately until use.
  • The oven temperature can be as low as 400 F (200 C). Since all ingredients are basically cooked, simply browning the top by broiling should be also OK if gratin dishes are put in the oven when everything is hot.
  • When you don't have bechamel sauce on hand, saute all vegetables and mushrooms either in olive oil or butter (or a mixture of oil and butter), add about 2 tbsp flour, continue to saute until well blended, add warm milk (200-250 cc), and cook until sauce thickens somewhat.

(Last updated: February 2, 2014)

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