All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.



Taka no tsume, togarashi red chili pepper

Remove seeds when slicing a whole pepper for better taste and texture.

Ichimi togarashi

Powdered red chili pepper.
Sprinkle on soba or udon noodles, mix with grated daikon radish to go with tamagoyaki omelet or grilled fish, or use as an added ingredient for gomaae sauce.

Shichimi togarashi

Powdered chili pepper with six other ingredients (ground sansho, black and white sesame seeds, green perilla leaves, hemp seeds). 
Sprinkle on miso soup, soba or udon noodles, dishes cooked in broth, or grilled or sauteed food.

Korean chili pepper

Very mild.

Karashi mustard
Powerfully spicy.

Condiment for oden, stewed pork, roast beef, hiyashi chuka, or steamed/fried dumplings,
Add to dressings.
Powdered karashi is stronger than the one in tubes. Add a small amount of water and make a paste before use.

Sansho powder 

Very aromatic, with a hint of citrus fragrance.
Use in a similar way as shichimi togarashi.

Hua jiao / Sichuan pepper
Mildly pungent spicy taste and aroma.
For Chinese dishes.

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