All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Chicken stock

The chicken stock widely available here contains Western herbs, which make Asian dishes taste a bit awkward, and those available at Asian grocery stores are loaded with chemicals. Why not make your own? Chicken stock is as easy as simmering chicken with green onion and ginger. This stock is guaranteed to produce a light, clear and refined taste in Asian dishes.

2 chicken thighs with bones
3 liters water  (not in photo)
3 green onions (green part only)
1 knob ginger


Remove skin and obvious fat from chicken.

Complete removal is not necessary, as all fat will eventually be removed in a later process.


In a pot, put 3 liters (cold) water, green onions and ginger.
Bring to boil on high to medium-high heat.


When boiling, add chicken.

You will immediately see fat floating on the surface.


Skim foam accumulating in the center, and reduce heat to medium-low or low, with a few spots quietly bubbling up from the bottom.

Skim oil coming up to the surface from time to time.


The liquid is quite murky at the beginning.

After 30 minutes or so, the liquid becomes somewhat clear.
It is ready to strain.


On top of a container, place a metal strainer lined with a paper towel, and gently strain the stock.

All fat that was not removed while simmering will be trapped (appearing as light yellow rounds) on the paper towel.

When cool enough, divide in zip-lock bags or containers and freeze.

  • If not in a hurry, you can chill the stock before straining (in the fridge or on freezing deck in winter) after initial skimming, and wait for fat on the surface to solidify. Remove solidified fat, and strain. 
  • Chicken that remains after making this stock can be used for other dishes. Cats and dogs also love it.

(Last updated: September 14, 2014)

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