All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Kakitamajiru kukonomi iri / egg flower clear soup with goji berries

Clear soup with mild egg and fruity goji berries.


300 cc dashi
2 tsp usukuchi soy sauce
Salt, to taste
1/2-1 egg
1 tbsp (10-20) goji berries
Several chives


Lightly beat egg. Chop chives (5mm).


In a pot, put dashi and soy sauce, and heat to a gentle boil. Taste, and add salt if necessary.


Keep the soup on medium to medium low heat, and slowly swirl egg in soup. When egg is cooked, turn off heat, and add goji berries.


Serve in bowls, and garnish with chives.

  • A good way to finish leftover beaten egg.
  • Green garnish can be any chopped or sliced vegetable -- raw or blanched, depending on how it is normally eaten (lettuce can be raw, mizuna can be raw or blanched, komatsuna, kabu/daikon leaves, snap/snow peas are better if blanched).
  • Goji berries are optional.

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