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Brassica para var. perviridis
While used in similar ways as spinach, komatsuna has a milder taste and stays firmer when cooked. It is rich in calcium (170 mg/100 g vs. 49 mg/100 g spinach), carotene, Vitamins B, C and E, iron, phosphorus and fiber.

This cool-climate tolerant vegetable (its season is winter in Japan) is easy to grow -- in the Pacific Northwest, it takes less water than spinach in our dry summers and stays green under the frost and snow in our cold winters. Komatsuna is one of the all-year-round leafy vegetables in our garden.

14 kcal/100 g; 94.1% water, 1.5% protein, 0.2% fat, 2.4% carbohydrate, 1.3% ash

Recipes with komatsuna

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