All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Komatsuna to usuage no nibitashi / komatsuna and thin deep-fried tofu in broth

1/2 bunch komatsuna
2 small usuage thin deep-fried tofu
200 cc dashi
1 tbsp usukuchi soy sauce
1 tsp regular soy sauce
1 tbsp sake and mirin in combination


Boil usuage to remove extra oil.

Cut into somewhat wide strips.

Cut komatsuna into 3-4 cm length.


In a pot, put all seasonings and heat. Add usuage, and cook for several minutes.


When usuage gains some flavor, add komatsuna, stem part first.

When color changes (brightens), remove from heat.
Taste, and add salt if necessary.

Serve immediately.

  • When cooking usuage in broth, do not boil the liquid briskly. It quickly becomes too salty. If liquid goes down noticeably, add dashi or water. Alternatively, add only half of each soy sauce and adjust taste toward the end.
  • Store-bought komatsuna can be quite firm. In that case, komatsuna can be sauteed with canola or sesame oil first, then add broth and usuage, and cook.
  • Green vegetables with firm leaves and stems (mizuna, chingensai baby bok choy, hakusai cabbage, gailan Chinese broccoli) works great alone or in combination.
  • Atsuage deep-fried tofu and satsumaage deep-fried fish cakes work well too.

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