All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Temakizushi / hand-rolled sushi

A great, fun party food!
Our typical temakizushi has California roll fillings.


2 bowls sushi rice (not in photo)
5 sheets nori seaweed

1/2 kyuri Japanese cucumber
20 shiso perilla leaves
1 tamagoyaki omelet
1 avocado
Small handful crab meat

Soy sauce and wasabi (for dipping sauce; not in photo)


Cut tamagoyaki and cucumber into stick shape.

If cucumber is ripe and has lots of seeds in center, remove the center before slicing.

Seed, skin and slice avocado lengthwise.


Lightly toast both sides of nori seaweed over cooktop by holding each sheet 3-5 cm above the hot surface (medium low to low heat).

Fold stack of nori together into two, making a clear crease, open, and fold the opposite direction. If nori is crisp enough from toasting, it will break into two sections.
Repeat to obtain 20 quarters of nori sheets.

Alternatively, cut nori sheets with scissors.


Arrange all ingredients on plates/trays on table, along with soy sauce and wasabi.


Make your own rolls.

On the back (rough) side of nori, put a small amount of sushi rice, and spread thinly.

Put one shiso leaf, one slice of cucumber, avocado and a small amount of crab meat, and wrap.

Dip in soy sauce & wasabi mixture, and eat.

  • If Japanese cucumber is not available, substitute English cucumber.
  • Fillings can be anything. Other fillings we often have are unagi no kabayaki grilled eel and sashimi-grade raw tuna when throwing a party. 
  • Because sushi rice itself is high in calories, fillings prepared with high-calorie ingredients, such as mayonnaise, are not served at our table.

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