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Tom cooks 3: Tofu no chige (jjigae stew with tofu) – Round 2

Tom doesn't mind cooking things he likes to eat, so he decided to try jjigae Korean stew once again.

Since he cooked it not long ago, he stayed calm (at least at the beginning) as he reviewed the recipe and gradually collected ingredients from the fridge and put cazuelas (clay pots) on the stove.

I couldn't keep my mouth shut and pointed out lots of missing ingredients and what to do.
Tom's response: "Can you turn on the radio? ... so I don't have to listen to you complaining."
I caught his words, even though he intentionally lowered his voice.

Aside from doing a half-way job on cutting kimchi (sliced, not finely chopped), removing lots of the edible parts of ginger, garlic and green onions (so much waste), trying to use one entire niboshi sardine when the recipe calls for only 1/3 (perhaps OK in terms of flavor but not economical) and trying to pour cold water in very hot clay pots before I stopped him (could kill pots), the most interesting aspect of his cooking attempt was how he sliced the green onions. This vegetable never gets thin when Tom "slices."

He did try, however, repeatedly asking, "This thin?" But when he was finished, I didn't see any slice under 5mm. Hmmm... Still, this is a big improvement for someone who previously could only chop them into 1cm-wide pieces.

The soft tofu tasted good, as did the portabella mushroom in the soup.

Recipe for Tom: Tofu no chige (jjigae Korean stew with tofu, quick version with kimchi)

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