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Breakfast, February 17, 2012

Extra cheese, double cheese, loaded with cheese...

According to what we see around us, Tom is "under-cheesed." Moreover, Tom is also under-mayonnaised, under-ketchupped, under-sugared, under-buttered, and under-meated.

Not taking in extra fat or sugar seems quite normal to me. However, not having built up your resistance to this stuff can cause digestive problems when you eat out at places where fat is loaded into the food, probably just out of habit. Poor under-greased Tom realized this yesterday when he experienced a serious stomach problem after eating a club sandwich somewhere local, and he is continuing to complain of discomfort this morning.  So for today's breakfast...

  • Gobo kinoko donburi / steamed rice with burdock root, eringi mushrooms, fishcake cooked with broth and egg, topped with green onions
  • Satoimo to ninjin no misoshiru / miso soup with baby taro root and carrot, topped with mizuna
  • Tofu no yuzukosho itame, burokkorii iri / tofu and broccoli saute with yuzukosho

I used less fishcake than usual and added mushrooms to my regular gobo donburi, which made it taste quite mild and more like egg donburi. In other words, it is gentle enough for Tom's upset stomach.

Root vegetables warm up your body, and because they stay in your stomach longer, you are less likely to feel hungry before your next meal. Although our house is basically free of bags of snacks, Tom does reach for one of his cheese collection or high-sodium cured meat items when he gets hungry. Let's keep him away from those.

Tofu is a good protein. Cooked with colorful broccoli, just a little bit of yuzukosho to give a mild punch to the dish.

If Tom recovers, we'll have spicy Mexican tonight.

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