All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Shiifuudo no remon karee / seafood lemon curry

An easy seafood curry that goes well with either rice or couscous. Lemon adds a refreshing touch with its mild sourness. Great when temperatures start to climb in summer.

1/4 of recipe:
247 calories; 27.1 g protein; 5.6 g fat; 21.0 g carbohydrate; 17.1 g net carbs; 356 mg sodium; 67.0 mg cholesterol; 3.9 g fiber

When serviced with 150 g steamed rice:
499 calories per serving; 30.9 g protein; 6.1 g fat; 76.7 g carbohydrate; 72.3 g net carbs; 358 mg sodium; 67.0 mg cholesterol; 4.4 g fiber


(Serves 4)

200-300 g white-fleshed fish (298g cod in photo)
4 sea scallops (166 g in photo)
10 clams (264 g in photo)
1 medium potato (236 g in photo)
1 carrot (60 g in photo)
1/2 onion (130 g in photo)
2 tomatoes (226 g in photo)
1 small lemon (use 2/3 for seafood marinade and the rest for soup)
1-2 sprig parsley

For seafood marinade
1/2 tbsp curry powder
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tbsp olive oil (not in photo)

1/2 tbsp olive oil (for sauteing; not in photo)
1 tsp cumin seeds
200-250 cc water
2 tsp curry powder


In a container, mix curry powder (for marinade), paprika, cayenne pepper, olive oil (for marinade) and juice of 2/3 lemon.


Debone and cut fish into 4-5 cm, and marinate with scallops for 20-30 minutes.


Cut onion lengthwise 1cm wide.
Rangiri diagonally cut carrot into 2-3 cm.
Dice potato.
Core and dice tomatoes.
Chop parsley.


In a pot, heat olive oil, and saute cumin seeds on medium heat until fragrant.


Saute marinated cod and scallops until 70% done.
Transfer to a plate, and set aside.


In the same pot, add onion, and cook until somewhat tender.


Add tomatoes, potato and carrot, mix, and cook until surface is coated with oil and spices.


Pour water in remaining marinade, then pour into pot.

The liquid does not need to cover ingredients (covering half or three-quarters of ingredient height should be enough).
Cover, and bring to boil.
Once boiling, reduce heat to medium low or low, and simmer until vegetables reach desired softness.


Add curry powder, and mix.

Put clams, cod and scallops along with liquid, cover, and cook until clams open.


Squeeze in juice of remaining lemon.
Taste, and add more as necessary.

Sprinkle parsley.
Ready to serve.

(Served with rice.)

  • The saltiness from seafood, especially clams, should be enough. If shellfish is not used, you might want to add some salt or shiokoji at the very end.
  • The liquid in this dish can be made as thin as soup by adding more water or thick like sauce by using less water or simmering vegetables until potato crumbles (crumbly russet-type potatoes work very well for that purpose).
  • This is relatively spicy. Adjust the spiciness by changing the proportion of paprika and cayenne pepper. 
  • The sauce becomes very mild when left to sit for several hours or overnight.
  • Potato and carrot are options.
  • Any seafood works well. Relatively lean, plain or sweet-tasting seafood seems to work best. 
  • Prawns are a nice option. If using prawns or shrimp with shells, saute removed shells to get the maximum flavor for the broth.

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