All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Shisozu / perilla-infused vinegar

This bright red purple vinegar also takes on the refreshing aroma of akajiso purple perilla leaves. It imparts a soft pink color and soft shiso aroma when used as a replacement for regular vinegar.

Sodium content: 18 mg per 1 tablespoon


Large handful akajiso purple perilla leaves (60 leaves, 54 g in photo)
2 tsp (6 g) salt
300 cc rice vinegar


Rinse perilla leaves in plenty of water.


Squeeze water out of perilla leaves, and place in a bowl.
Sprinkle half of salt.
Rub and squeeze until liquid comes out. 

Discard liquid.


Sprinkle remaining salt, and rub and squeeze until liquid comes out.


Squeeze out liquid, and place in a jar that has been sterilized in boiling water.
Pour rice vinegar, cover, and store.
The vinegar takes on a reddish purple hue in 30 minutes or so.

  • Other vinegar works fine, too. I use rice vinegar, which makes it easier to use for Japanese food. 
  • Lemon juice is a nice addition for a fruity, fresh note.
  • The liquid that comes out from shiso leaves has a harsh taste, and is discarded each time.
  • Shiso's aroma intensifies after several days.
  • Some people add sugar or honey for use as a drink base (just like shiso juice).

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