All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Meshida to tomato no sarada / lady fern fiddleheads and tomato salad

Enjoy the delicate flavor of succulent lady fern fiddleheads in a simple pairing with tomatoes. Goes well with any cuisine!

50 calories (1/2 of recipe); 2.6 g protein; 2.1 g fat; 6.9 g carbohydrate; 2.7 g net carbs; 15 mg sodium; 0 mg cholesterol; 4.2 g fiber


100-150 g seiyo meshida Western lady fern fiddleheads (cleaned; 146 g in photo)
5-8 cherry or grape tomatoes, or 1 small salad/roma tomato (86 g in photo)

For dressing
1/2 tbsp white wine vinegar
1/3-1/2 small lemon (1/2 tbsp lemon juice)
1 small clove garlic
1/2 tsp shiokoji salted rice malt
Black pepper, to taste


Cut tomato in smaller pieces (quartered in photo).
Cut meshida to length that fits in pot.
Peel and smash garlic with side of knife.
Squeeze lemon juice.


Bring plenty of water to boil, and blanch meshida for 20-30 seconds.
Drain, and let cool. 


In the meantime, mix all ingredients for dressing, and set aside.


When meshida cools (at least to room temperature), cut, and mix with dressing.

Add tomatoes, and mix well.
Let sit for 5-10 minutes for quick marinating effect before serving. 
Plate only solid ingredients, and leave all liquid behind in prep bowl.

  • Lady fern fiddleheads have a very delicate flavor that quickly disappears, and it is best to eat them on the day of harvest.
  • Lady fern fiddleheads are very similar to kogomi ostrich fern fiddleheads, but more softer in taste and aroma.
  • The above nutrition figures are based on information for kogomi (no specific data is found for lady fern fiddleheads) and the assumption that one-third of dressing is consumed. 
  • Fiddleheads not available? Try this with asparagus! (With lettuce in photo at right)

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