All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Tom Cooks 6: Mayonnaise

"Is this it?" Tom said.

That was another moment when Tom had some sort of culture shock, not about what I do but about what he has been doing since his childhood. The creamy spread of mayonnaise, indispensable in many wonderful sandwiches and a number of yummy dips or potato salad...

Tom thought mayo was something so complicated to make at home that people had to buy it in jars at stores.

Uh-uh. It's so easy to make, and when you make it at home, creating endless variations is easy too, by using different kinds of vinegar, citrus juice, oil and mustard, or by adding herbs, spices ... whatever. You also know how much egg and oil are going in your food.
We already have enough jars of Asian seasonings that are hard to make ourselves because of lack of ingredients or the time required, and it is better not to have to bother to stock something that is easy to make ourselves.

Tom's first mayonnaise -- made of egg yolk, lemon juice, karashi mustard, canola and olive oil, salt and pepper -- was served as a dip for artichoke.
An eye-opening, tasty experience for Tom.

Recipe for Tom: Mayonnaise

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