All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Tamago sando / egg salad sandwiches

One of the common sandwiches I grew up with.  The filling: hard-boiled eggs separated into yolks and egg whites; yolks are mashed and mixed with mayonnaise; egg whites are finely chopped and mixed in with yolks. For maximum flavor, the amount of mayonnaise used is quite high. Shiokoji tamago hard-boiled eggs marinated in salted rice malt eliminate the mayo and still give a rich taste.


6 thin slices of bread
1 1/2 tbsp butter
1 tsp karashi mustard

3 shiokoji tamago hard-boiled eggs marinated in salted rice malt
1-2 tsp olive oil (optional; for shiokoji tamago marinated less than 6 days)
Small handful (several stems) parsley
Pepper, to taste (not in photo)


Microwave butter for 10-20 seconds to soften or melt, add karashi, and mix well.


Mash shiokoji tamago.

Add olive oil if using shiokoji tamago marinated for less than 6 days or if a richer taste is desired.


Finely chop parsley.

Add to eggs, and mix well.
Add pepper to taste. Mix well.


Lay bread slice "pairs"  for three sandwiches, and spread karashi butter.
Spread egg mixture evenly on one pair slice.
Put the counterpart slice of each pair, and gently press.


Stack up the three pairs, and tightly wrap with moistened (hard-wrung) towel.
Place a weight on top, and let sit at least 10 minutes.


Unwrap, cut off edges (optional), and cut into desired number and shapes.

Wipe off the knife after each cut to keep the sandwiches clean.

  • Karashi mustard can be spicy. If unsure, first add only 1/2 tsp or less to softened butter, and taste.
  • Wrapping assembled sandwiches in a moistened towel prevents finished sandwiches from crumbling, making it easy to eat each piece neatly.
  • Add finely chopped onion or celery in the egg mixture for a lighter taste.

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