All recipes are for 2 servings unless noted. Oil is canola oil and salt is kosher salt.


Kyabetsu to kinoko no miso-itame / cabbage and mushroom saute with miso

An easy cabbage saute with shimeji and eringi mushrooms. Tender spring cabbage is complemented by slightly sweetened miso and the spicy punch of taka no tsume red chili pepper.

1/2 of recipe:
46 calories; 2.5 g protein; 1.5 g fat; 7.5 g carbohydrate; 4.5 g net carbs; 129 mg sodium (with reduced-sodium miso; 159 mg with regular miso); 0 mg cholesterol; 3.0 g fiber


4 smaller leaves or 3 larger cabbage leaves (132 g in photo)
Tiny handful shimeji mushrooms (32 g in photo)
1 small/medium eringi mushroom (46 g in photo)
1/2 taka no tsume red chili pepper (slices)
1 tsp miso
1/2 tsp sake
1/2 tsp mirin
1/4 tsp shiokoji salted rice malt
1/2 tsp oil


Mix miso, sake and mirin, and set aside.


Cut cabbage into 3-4 cm squares.
Remove root ends of shimeji and eringi, and slice or tear eringi into smaller pieces.


In a frying pan, heat oil, put thicker white sections of cabbage, and saute on medium low heat.
Flip once or twice.


Add taka no tsume, and stir.

Add mushrooms, and stir.
Add green sections of cabbage, and stir.
Cover, and cook until cabbage is softened somewhat.


Swirl in miso mixture, and stir.

Taste, and add shiokoji (1/4 tsp max) as necessary.
Stir well.
Ready to serve.

  • Depending on the actual amount of ingredients and miso, shiokoji may not be needed at all. Make sure to taste before adding it.
  • Take your time sauteing the thick white sections of cabbage in order to bring out its sweet note and juiciness.
  • Any mild-tasting mushroom works with this recipe. Shiitake, hiratake oyster and chanterelle mushrooms would be good choices.

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